The nearby ruins of Mystras, which are being gradually restored, are worth a trip. Mystras was the central town of the Morea (Peloponessos) until the Turkish occupation in the fifteenth century. It was inhabited until it was abandoned in the 1820's when the Turks re-took much of the Peloponessos after Ibriham Pasha's invasion from Egypt. The old city is rich in churches and is topped by a Frankish castle. There are houses and mansions and many of the churches have impressive frescos. The Pantanassa is a convent inhabited by nuns, the only people living in the city of Mistras today. The Perivlepto is a monastery built under a rock and contains impressive frescos. If you keep climbing through the ruins of the old city you will find yourself in the castle with a view of the valley below.

With starting point the end of city of Mistras, a very well stone made path begins across a small river that starts from mountain Taygetos. The path leads to the village Taygeti at 700m height and offers a great panorama to the byzantine city of Mistras and the valley around Sparta. The calmness of nature and the imposing sound of the falling water makes you feel awe.



Mavrovouni beach is 5 minutes driving with the car from the city center of Gythion and it is a place ideal for swimming and known for its size, which is approximately 4 km in length. The place is appropriate for wind-surfing, having strong winds blowing for several hours in the day (12:00-6:30) during the summer full season (July–August). In the summer the sea turtle careta-careta lays its eggs to the specific beach and if you are lucky you can see her coming out from the water.

It can be easily accessed on foot within 15 minutes walk or by bus from the central bus station in Gythion.

Visitors of our hotel are very welcome to spend their day in the relaxing and fully organised camping Gythion Bay, which is situated on the beach of Mavrovouni and it offers swimming pool, pool bar with refreshing cocktails and restaurant with traditional greek cuisine.


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